World War II--it took place sixty years ago but is still ever-present in our political and cultural lives, the subject of films, TV series, and political comparisons. Yet there are still many debates and unsettled historical questions about the American experience in the war. The seven exhibits featured here were curated by students in The United States in World War II (History 244) taught by Renee Romano at Oberlin College during the Fall 2015 semester. Each student group chose a different question or debate related to the history of the United States during the Second World War to focus on for its exhibit.

Subjects range from the question of whether American military forces should have bombed Auschwitz to whether being interned in camps served to Americanize those of Japanese descent or to turn them away from an American identity. Whether exploring topics related to the homefront or the wartime military, each group did research, found artifacts and wrote scripts that help explain the history of the war and the questions that continue to be debated by scholars and the public.

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